Wednesday, March 21, 2012

50 Organizing Ideas here is the third Five

11.  Timers or Alarms?  Don't forget to allow time for those household chores that keep us all away from the real fun at our jobs.  If you have to set and alarm then by all means set aside time each day and use a timer.                                 
12.  Delegate, delegate, delegate, if you realize you can not do everything yourself, especially in the office you will be able to re-arrange duties and chores of your own.  To correctly delegate you must train, entrust, follow-up, and then evaluate, don't forget to repeat this process often.
13.  Space saving tips, shelving units for reference books and manuals, not to neglect those cook books that seem to be spread over the kitchen counters. Try stacking bins in the closets, or space organizers in the drawers.
14.  Filing Cabinets in your office can be frustrating if they are overstuffed, try leaving room in each drawer so it is easier to get in and out of folders or files.
15.  Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, mostly at the end of the month, and you're in a rush to complete, well ..... set the deadline for a few days prior to the end of the month.  Rentals? try starting your rentals on the 27th of each month instead of the 1st day of each month, that way  you have time to organize a deposit to your bank in time.
Well that's it for today, check back next week for 5 more organizing tips.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google blog with facebook and twitter

I am being asked about an application where they can post a comment once and it gets forwarded to both facebook and twitter, I recommend google + blog

I wonder if it will link to linkedin? hmmm
Blog Link look for it under more applications

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How to get rid of Leg Cramps

Leg Cramps

Are you always troubled by nightly Leg Cramps? Well so am I, I finally found a natural remedy to correct this, once I started on this remedy it took a very short time before I forgot all about any pain or cramp in my legs while I was sleeping, now I sleep totally peacefully at night without the annoying leg cramps I was getting.

This remedy really worked for me, and I can just imagine that if this worked I now all the other remedies on this site will work for you too.
Some of the symptoms of leg cramps can be a deficiency in calcium and magnesium as well can be an imbalance of phosphorus in your blood.
Leg Cramps Symptoms, can be aching, cramps that are painful in the legs while walking, sitting or lying down. You may be awakened from sleep by these cramps.

Nutrition, Exercise, Herbs for Leg Cramps

LEG CRAMPS NUTRITION: In addition, eliminate or reduce foods that are high in phosphoric acid, such as meat and sodas. Be sure to get your protein from other sources, such as legumes.
LEG CRAMPS EXERCISE: To relieve a cramp, pull your toes toward your kneecap. Gently put your weight on the leg with the cramp and slowly walk it off.
LEG CRAMPS HERBS: Crampbark (Viburnum opulis), 1/2 to 1 tsp. tincture or one to two capsules as often as every 2 hours, up to 3 doses daily.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

50 Organizing Ideas here is the second Five

50 Organizing Ideas here is the second Five

6.     What about your desk?  I make sure to organize my desk on a daily bases otherwise papers and items stack up and can become overwhelming, trust me when I say, I have seen far to many desks, or rather I think there is a desk, under all the paper and items.......
7.     Time for yourself, at least once or twice per day, can be to catch up on emails or even time to read.  Being busy all day long can be very exhausting, its like going to work for 8 hours in a day without any breaks for lunch or coffee, you will be refreshed even after 15 minute quite time.

8.     Talk Time, is always over time limits, set up time limits for yourself and stick to it, we all know how we can get carried away chatting to a friend or client.
9.     In my office I have files setup for all my clients where I keep information about what I am doing for that client and even a copy of their contact information in case something happens to the computer contacts.   Also I file these folders in the same area for easy reference as filing them with all the other bills can get very confusing and time consuming.

10.  Ever play "Telephone Tag" not a lot of fun after a while is it,  well when you can plan the call and have all the information you need in front of you and don't forget to write down the questions you are going to ask! Even professionals like accountants, physicians and clients.
Well that's it for today, check back next week for 5 more organizing tips.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bonus Prize to be Given away next month!

Stay tuned - this months bonus prize, sign up for web maintenance - Blackberry Playbook to be given to lucky winner - see my next newsletter. Coming soon,

Thursday, February 23, 2012

50 Organizing Ideas here is the first Five

  1. Set your Goal - First thing to do is set or determine a goal. If you don't see where you are headed then how will you ever get there. Set mini-goals and start rewarding yourself when you get to each mini-goal.
  2. Forget about your Memory - You may have a good memory but there is always room for you to forget something. Write it down, put it in your day planner, or computer schedule, but just write it down.
  3. Group all activities that are similar - this way you don't have to start something, put it away, start something else, etc. Example, make all your phone calls together. Things will be done a lot easier.
  4. Purge all your files and papers, otherwise you may be going out and purchasing new items that you may not need once the purge is complete.
  5. One Calendar - One calendar will be sufficient don't overdue the calendar or planner, too many of them could mean over booking and missed appointments. Keeping personal, professional and family items on one calendar will help to eliminate conflicts.
Well thats it for today, check back next week for 5 more organizing tips.

Organizing Your Life
Reduce your stress -

Five (5) Tips to help start organizing your life (Home or Office):

Today ................................. Tip One "Paper Organizing
........ come back tomorrow for the next tip on email and logons.

  1. Paper Organizing: Start by finding a solution that will organize all those important document and/or bills that need to be kept. No one wants to have to start this process under duress at Tax time, do you? Start now and create folders for each type of bill and document, example, (name of telephone carrier), could be the first folder, continue creating them - you will need to decide whether you wish to label them under the company name or the type of service. Use a small organizer to start, then when you feel you need a larger area, then move on.