Thursday, February 23, 2012

50 Organizing Ideas here is the first Five

  1. Set your Goal - First thing to do is set or determine a goal. If you don't see where you are headed then how will you ever get there. Set mini-goals and start rewarding yourself when you get to each mini-goal.
  2. Forget about your Memory - You may have a good memory but there is always room for you to forget something. Write it down, put it in your day planner, or computer schedule, but just write it down.
  3. Group all activities that are similar - this way you don't have to start something, put it away, start something else, etc. Example, make all your phone calls together. Things will be done a lot easier.
  4. Purge all your files and papers, otherwise you may be going out and purchasing new items that you may not need once the purge is complete.
  5. One Calendar - One calendar will be sufficient don't overdue the calendar or planner, too many of them could mean over booking and missed appointments. Keeping personal, professional and family items on one calendar will help to eliminate conflicts.
Well thats it for today, check back next week for 5 more organizing tips.

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