Monday, November 28, 2011

Tip for the Week

Time to get organized for Christmas, collect all those clear plastic containers for storing all the decorations after Christmas


  1. My daughter, Sara, made it home finally, she was stationed in Afganastan as a medic. So Glad to see her home again

  2. Holiday Decorating
    Check List for Decoration
    - Check supply of tablecloths, napkins, runners and repair as necessary
    - Check last years post holiday notes to see if you need to obtain any new decorations
    - Test all indoor and outdoor lights, replace as necessary. Don't forget your safety!
    - If your short on time to trim a tree, look for one in a box ready with lights, bulbs and beads.
    - When setting up the tree, use a hook and wire to anchor the tree to the wall where it meets the ceiling.
    - Once the branches have dropped into place, put lights on.
    - Decorate the next day for a more relaxed pace.
    - Lights first, then garlands, large ornaments and then fill in with smaller ones. Heavier ornaments should be closer to the bottom where the branches are stronger. Last the icicles and the Angel or Star on top.
    - Ceilings too short? consider a tree to hang on the wall or place on the table. Consider a silver or gold tree as New Year's Eve comes just add the noisemakers.
    - Decorate the rest of the house - room by room, don't forget to get the children involved in their own rooms.